Thursday, February 08, 2007

Internet Videos Boost Website Traffic 60%, Drive Top SEO Results

Summary: Here's more proof Web video can drive visitors and SEO: Online marketer David Frey used Internet videos and the new Traffic Geyser submitter service to increase visitors to his marriage counseling site by more than 60% in three weeks and achieved a #1 Google search ranking for his target keyword phrase.

San Diego, California 92128 – February 8, 2007 – When Internet entrepreneur and small business guru David Frey decided to leverage online video in his marketing, his first attempts didn't go so well.

"My videos looked terrible and they didn't sound too good," Frey explains. "Then I got the Toolkit, along with some coaching on the lighting setup, the audio and the call to action. My latest videos are much more watchable—and more effective."

The "Toolkit" is the Internet Infomercial Toolkit, a multimedia instructional package that teaches businesses how to sell with video.

Frey adds, "Once I improved my videos, I wanted to use them to drive traffic to my sites, including Luckily, I found Traffic Geyser."

Traffic Geyser is a fledgling service for businesses that distributes their Internet videos to more than 30 top sites with the click of a button and leverages Web 2.0 features to drive Website traffic and SEO.

Frey was so pleased with the results he achieved with Traffic Geyser he produced video newsletters for his 50,000 small business subscribers describing the process he used to generate hundreds of thousands of impressions and boost traffic by 60% to—over just three weeks.

Go here to view David Frey's video newsletter where he recaps his entire strategy.

One key tactic is to optimize the videos' titles and descriptions with your keyword or phrase, almost as if you are creating miniature Web sites. "Fortunately, with Traffic Geyser, you only have to enter your title and description once for each video," Frey says. "Then the system uploads that information to more than 30 top video sites. It's a huge time-saver."

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