Sunday, December 24, 2006

Making Internet Videos WITHOUT a Camera

One of the features we included with our new Traffic Geyser video uploading service is something called the Slideshow Creator. The Slideshow Creator lets Traffic Geyser members create videos WITHOUT a camera. It "marries" audio files (.mp3 or .wav) with images into uploadable videos. To see examples of what I mean, check out these four promotional videos I did for Ann DeVere's Richest Niche Program:

How to Find Your Most Profitable Customer
Where to Find Your Most Profitable Customer
How to Reach Your Most Profitable Customer
How to Use the Exact Words That Will Appeal to Your Most Profitable Customer

I developed a short interview with Ann--four questions--called her and recorded the interview using an inexpensive device from Radio Shack. (You can also use free online services to record audio files with your telephone.) Then I added some images I created in Photoshop, got some free clip art images online and I had four short videos I could upload to the top 30+ video sites to drive traffic to her sales page.

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