Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Broadband Ignites Internet Video Big Bang

San Diego, CA – February 23, 2006 - The Internet video boom is on. It’s no longer just a trend. Some technology media pundits have even dubbed it the "online video Big Bang."

It began with Apple's debut of video downloads through its iTunes service and introduction of the Video iPod in late 2005. In the ensuing months, major Internet players like Google, Yahoo!, Apple and AOL all have either introduced or beefed up video services and struck deals with content giants like Disney, ABC, CBS and NBC.

While video has been online for awhile it has just now reached the tipping point. Once the territory of news organizations, adult sites and, more recently, personal blogs, it is quickly becoming a channel of choice for conveying entertainment and business information.

Broadband Spreads Quickly

Thanks to the rapid widespread adoption of broadband Internet connections at the consumer level, companies are scrambling to find ways to deliver video content using a variety of revenue models including subscriptions, pay-per-download, traditional advertising, relationship-building and integration with other monetized services like Google’s Adsense.

Even small businesses are jumping into the fray.

"The technology has become so affordable and easy-to-use, really anyone can participate," says Mike Koenigs, co-creator of the Internet Infomercial Toolkit, a how-to guide for small businesses (

"For the first time ever, any online business owner--even the smallest information products marketer--can use video to present his or her products or services. The key is getting the messaging strategy right."

Internet Infomercials?

Koenigs and business partner Rocket Helstrom turned to the TV infomercial industry for a successful message model. They interviewed several top producers, distilled their formulas and adapted them to the Internet.

“The direct-response infomercial is the best archetype for Internet marketing video—much more so than the brand ad commercial,” says Helstrom.

“The Web is arguably the most efficient direct-response sales medium ever created. What’s worked for years on TV now works online. Now, a business can leverage the power of the infomercial to present its product online for less than $1,000.”

Coming Soon to Any Screen Near You

The lines between channels are blurring as well. We’re seeing it now with Internet downloads of yesterday’s prime time TV “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives” episodes.

Soon, consumers will be accessing all forms of Web video—entertainment, news and infomercials—through all their available screens, whether they’re in their living rooms, home offices or on the street.

Early-adopting businesses will be poised to distribute their infomercials not just to computers but to any screen their target market chooses, from home entertainment TVs to cell phone displays.


Contact Mike Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom for more insights about Internet infomercials. Direct line: 800-795-5417 or email You can find complete details about the Internet Infomercial Toolkit at

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