Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is an Internet Infomercial anyway?

By now you've checked out our special report on Internet infomercials and you're probably wondering:

- How much does it cost to make an Internet Infomercial?
- What equipment do you need?
- How do I start making them?
- How long it takes to make an internet infomercial?
- What are some of the applications for internet infomercials?
- What if I'm not technical, can I still make them?
- Do internet infomercials work for my business type?
- Do they convert more visitors into buyers than traditional marketing approaches?
- What is the Internet Infomercial Toolkit?

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We answered every one of these questions and more in a free, information-packed 60 minute teleclass.

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On the page, you can ask a question that will get answered in future communciations and posts. We've already received questions from hundreds of interested business owners.

We trust after reading the special report and listening to the call, you recognize NOW is the time for learning how to leverage online video.

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