Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Online Commercials Make Their Debut on Google Adwords as Founders Aim to Satisfy Internet Marketing's Conversion Craving


Online Commercials Make Their Debut on Google Adwords as Founders Aim to Satisfy Internet Marketing's Conversion Craving by Teaching Non-Technical Computer Users and Marketers How to Make Web Videos That Sell Products and Services Just Like Television Infomercials

SAN DIEGO, CA — MAY 10, 2006 — Michael Koenigs and business partner Robert "Rocket" Helstrom teach entrepreneurs, online marketers, authors and small business owners how to make Internet Infomercials or "Online Commercials" with inexpensive hardware, free software and free web hosting that look like television infomercials at a fraction of the price – starting at $100.

"We're teaching ordinary people how to take their computer, a webcam or digital camcorder, inexpensive lights from a Home Depot store and make their own Internet Infomercials in a few hours. One of our great success stories was a short video that we made in less than four hours that generated nearly $4,000 in affiliate commissions and 37% visitor to lead conversions in less than 48 hours" reports Koenigs.

Internet Infomercials 101 is an eBook that walks any web site owner through the steps to make their own Internet Infomercials and web marketing videos. It was written with non-technical users in mind.

After conducting dozens of teleseminars, webinars and fielding thousands of questions from visitors on the web site, authors Michael Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom decided to answer the top questions they received in a book. "We wanted to give non-technical users and business people the answers they were looking for when it came to making their own internet marketing videos" says Koenigs. "We felt an eBook was the fastest way to share this information quickly and easily."

Helstrom adds, "The initial response to the eBook has been outstanding. Owners of Internet Infomercials 101 tell us the eBook answers virtually all of their web video and Internet Infomercial questions. Now they're excited about taking the next steps to make their own web videos to feature their products and services on their web sites."

"When Google launched their free video hosting service, it opened the doors to anyone to put high-quality marketing and sales videos on their web sites. We're filling a void by showing people how to leverage this technology to advertise and market more effectively."
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Rocket Helstrom has earned advanced degrees in TV, film and communication theory, written ten screenplays and marketed online and offline for major companies like Polaroid, 20th Century Fox and Andersen Windows.

Michael Koenigs is a true new media video pioneer, having founded one of the first interactive agencies, Digital Cafe. He produced an award-winning feature film recently acquired by Warner Bros. and has boosted conversions for scores of companies using Internet video.


Founded in 2005, was founded to help online marketiners, entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools and information they need to make their own Internet Infomercials with free or inexpensive software and hardware that create outstanding web conversions, quickly Please see for more information.

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MEDIA CONTACT: Jeff Ledbetter, 888-669-7751


At 4:43 PM , Blogger Helping People Live Their Dreams said...

Hey Mike & Rocket,

You've done a great job. I always look forward to hearing from you.

Online Commercial And Video are exploding. I released a quick funny yet somewhat informative video and put it up on Google Video and Yahoo Video and in the first 24 hours I had received over a 1050 views.

Anyways thanks for the Info.

Have a great day,

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