Friday, March 24, 2006

hawthorne direct announces Tim Hawthorne as Key Contributor to The Internet Infomercial Toolkit


hawthorne direct announces Tim Hawthorne as Key Contributor to The Internet Infomercial Toolkit.

Fairfield, Iowa hawthorne direct proudly announces Tim Hawthorne, chairman and executive creative director for hawthorne direct, as a key contributor to the new and revolutionary Internet Infomercial Toolkit, produced by Kazzoe, LLC and

This toolkit, focused on creating innovative online video infomercials, was designed to aid business owners in optimizing online sales and inspire entrepreneurs interested in building a Web-based business by learning directly from infomercial masterminds and legendary producers.

Mak Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom, authors of the Internet Infomercial Toolkit, say, “Our guide is award-winning TV infomercial producer, writer and creative director, Tim Hawthorne. He runs one of the top direct response TV agencies in the industry and he’s called ‘the king of the TV infomercial’ by Business 2.0 magazine.”

The toolkit includes an exclusive interview with Hawthorne and his “21 Most Critical Elements of $$ Million-Selling Infomercials,” which according to Koenigs and Helstom, “deconstructs an actual infomercial, tearing it down to the nuts and bolts so you can see how each part fits with the others to create the optimal selling machine.” The Internet Infomercial Toolkit provides a detailed overview offering the crucial infomercial formulas and step-by-step instructions on how to compose an infomercial in an era of emerging technologies. Via interviews, top experts in the industry address the revolution of the infomercial through the Internet, the psychology that drives a successful infomercial, tips to a great script, and advice on product and offer elements.

The toolkit provides infomercial instruction and insiders’ secrets on five DVDs including: “Everything You Should Know About Infomercials,” “How to Write Breakthrough Infomercials the Quick & Easy Way,” “The Two Must-Have Elements of Money-Making Internet Infomercials,” “How To Make Your Own Internet Infomercial In One Day For Less Than $600,” and “How To Make Your Own Internet Infomercial With Effects & Graphics For Less Than $1,000.”

Bonus items consist of volumes 6 through 13 on digital audio CDs and seven books written by key players in the infomercial business, including Tim Hawthorne. The kit also comes with unlimited DVD, audio CD, and online updates for six months. For more information visit

hawthorne direct is a full-service direct response advertising agency, specializing in creative and production, long and short form media buying, telemarketing/fulfillment management and integrated marketing.

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