Thursday, January 18, 2007

Businesses Scramble to Learn Website Traffic Secrets of Online Video

Summary: Surprising search engine rankings and Website traffic—byproducts of the online video explosion—have businesses rushing to join the YouTube, MySpace and Google video parties.

San Diego, CA – January 17, 2007 – A new clip produced by discloses the reasons why Web videos generate results coveted by online businesses in days instead of weeks, for a fraction of traditional costs.

The first question business owners want answered when they see high search rankings and increased Website traffic enjoyed other companies (often their competitors) is, "How do Internet videos do it?"

"We don't pretend to predict the search engines' behavior," explains Frank Sousa, co-founder of Traffic Geyser, an online service for companies using video and Web 2.0 elements to promote their products and services. "But the incredible popularity of YouTube, Yahoo video and the other top video sites draws a lot of search engine attention, which carries over to the videos they host—especially those that are properly optimized then tagged by social bookmarking sites."

Jack Corn of Donations Travel (, a cause fundraising service, read the writing on the wall and quickly ramped up his Internet video marketing. "We bought some affordable equipment and software and started producing promo videos. With Traffic Geyser, it's a snap to distribute and tag them."

The second question business owners ask is, "How do we do it?" Sousa and Traffic Geyser co-founders Michael Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom reveal the answers in a series of video clips beginning with one titled "Why Do Search Engines Love Video So Much?"

To access the clips, visit this page:

Contact Michael Koenigs, Rocket Helstrom or Frank Sousa for more insights to this topic. Email: Direct lines: Michael Koenigs (800) 795-5417, ext. 33; Rocket Helstrom (800) 795-5417, ext. 31; Frank Sousa (509) 590-4300. More helpful information on generating Website traffic with Internet video can be found at:

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