Monday, February 26, 2007

SEO, Traffic or Brand?

Businesses are discovering the benefits of Internet video but some are reticent about the millieu and what it might mean to their brand.

The Danish bank communications manager's comments in this story likely exemplify many "mainstream" companies' uncertainty about how to play in the online video game.

Some are conflicted about whether they should lower their production quality standards in favor of quick distribution and contextual acceptance. For example, they are uncomfortable about promoting their companies in the style of typical user-generated YouTube videos. On the other hand, they wonder whether their well-financed productions will seem too slick and out of place in the same arena.

From our perspective, they're completely missing the point. Or they're thinking too inside the box.

The Internet is not television. Online viewers don't have high expectations. They accept a broad range of production values--from a Webcam's grainy fisheye to the professionally composed episodes of their favorite TV shows now streaming online.

They also accept a broad range of content and performances. Internet video viewers are now used to seeing real people on screen, not actors. Tight scripts are nice but we'll tolerate off the cuff as well.

Businesses don't have to change what they're producing to reap benefits from the new video-rich Internet. But they will miss out on a lot of opportunities if they don't broaden their thinking.

For example, there are few companies that would not benefit enormously from producing their own Internet TV shows focusing on their customers' needs and interests. Professional productions are possible for a fraction of what it used to cost and the media buys are, well...non-existent. There are no stations or networks to negotiate with online if you don't want to.

It's a brave new world of marketing online. You don't need a multi-million dollar ad budget or a top 20 ad agency to generate SEO, Website traffic or even brand loyalty. There are so many more affordable, creative ways to use video online than 30-second commercials.

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